Monday, March 21, 2011

Dining Room Reveal!

My not so random plate wall. It turned out exactly the way I envisioned and took only 15 minutes to put up using my templates and I only made 18 holes for 15 plates much to my hubby's surprise!

My chair print art that cost less than $15. I found these vinyl chair decals for $3.57 at Target and I purchased cheap document frames at The Christmas Tree shop. The most annoying part of this project was hanging them the way I wanted without making a million holes in the newly painted walls! Allison over at HoH also has these prints and did a bright version.

My large apothecary jar filled with bright green pears. I love this pop of color on the sideboard. I have a few ideas for this space and one of them includes a cheese dome and a candlestick.

The before and after chair fabric. Inexpensive, but took hours of The Secret Life and a large Coke to finish!

After many hours and gallons of paint the dining room is FINISHED!!! Many thanks to my sweet husband who put in most of those hours and for the surprise light dimmer. I totally recommend a dimmer in the dining room. It makes a huge difference. This is the one we purchased.

Here is the before we moved in "before". I am including this picture so you can see the original light fixture.

This is the light fixture that we purchased and our Craigslist dining set.


  1. LOVE it! Looks so much more cozy and bigger too!

  2. The room turned out great! Awesome job. Also, thanks for the little shout out! That made my day. :)



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